13 January 2009

Aural Induction of Ovulation in CHEETAHS

We always knew that they say females are more aural than males when it comes to sexual arousal, BUT it has just been discovered that ovulation in female cheetahs is induced by a certain "stuttering bark" made by male cheetahs. This is super exciting because female cheetahs do not have regular reproductive cycles and this is a problem in captive breeding programs. With this new, super-exciting news, now we can hopefully get those lady cheetahs pumping out the eggs and gettin' new BABIES!

Apparently this sort of sex-linked vocalization is very rare in mammals, and is sometimes observed in birds. Go to the National Geographic page to hear the male cheetah stutter-bark. Its very froggy sounding to me. Strange. But kind of cute.

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Don said...

It is sad that you have been taken in by this report. I have successfully bred many cheetahs over the years and produced over 100 cubs. The stutter-bark is evidence of male sexual arousal. It occurs in response to detecting the scent of females in estrus or near estrus. It has been known for decades the the cheetah female is an induced ovulator, that is, she ovulates in response to the mating act.