09 February 2014

Thai "Chicken" Soup & Cast Iron Update

Made some truly wonderful thai "chicken" soup following this recipe. I think the real secret here is the Curry paste, which has fermented shrimp in it and is really quite flavorful. We used Quorn chicken cutlets, thawed them in the broth, and then took them out to cut into bite sized pieces. This allowed the cutlet to soak up broth as it was thawing, which is better than heating outside of the pot and adding after you cut it up.

We also made a more traditional curry following the same recipe with potato and red bell pepper added in. Its a pretty filling meal with rice!

The version I made was not actually vegan, what with the fish sauce and shrimp in the curry paste, but it can easily be made such.

* * *
In the cast iron pan corner, the pan has turned out quite well and lives in the oven. I have baked bread on it multiple times and also made some eggs in it. Although I am still a little unclear as to how to clean baked-on food off of it.... It is a beautiful black color though.