24 February 2009

Clear Domed Fish

This is just about the craziest fish I have ever seen. It has retracted its eyes into its head, which is now clear. Just watch the video.

17 February 2009

The Desperate Lead the Swarm

This just in: computer modeling of herds, schools, flocks, etc. has revealed that one desperate, weak individual can lead the entire swarm towards a new destination. Feel free to let your mind wander towards whatever human circumstances you feel you can apply that model to.

15 February 2009

Explosions in Space; The Sky is Falling!!!

Sweetness! A US satellite collided with a defunct Russian satellite in space over Siberia! The charred wreckage of the Russian satellite crashed into Canada!!! They were each traveling at SIX MILES PER SECOND when they collided! AND apparently in 1996, a piece of SPACE JUNK dissected a frickin' antenna off another satellite!!! And NOW, there are even more chunks of shit floating around orbiting Earth. Sweet.

11 February 2009

The moon, icy roads, and me at dawn

There is something about waking up early. I've heard people who stay up late say that they like it because it is peaceful, not many people are awake. I feel like it is more true in the early morning. The only other people (voluntarily) awake are feeling peaceful and introspective, as well. The colors are all soft, as the sun rises. Today, it had snowed the day before and gotten icy, and everything was soft blues, grays, and purples. The moon was off to the west, nearly full, in a cerulean sky. The ice was very crunchy, and as I crossed a road that went east-west, I saw a shock of vivid pinks and oranges down the road to the east, peeking under the icy canopies of trees and houses.

I think that the ability to happily wake up early is in part genetic. In the very least, the ability to wake up and be truly awake, although not necessarily early, is genetic. And this can lead people with this ability to wake up earlier and earlier as they desire, without any snooze button issues. Maybe the ability to fall asleep easily also helps. Perhaps people who stay up late have trouble initially falling asleep and so they just stay up until they feel ridiculously tired. In any case, there was no reason for me to wake up at 4:30 and be wide awake. It just happened.

Of course, I probably should have tried to go back to sleep, since I only got 5 hours and will probably crash at some point. I'm going to try to put off caffeine intake as long as possible.