20 December 2009

Existential Video Game Poll

So I tried to come up with something deep about video games for my next poll, and I ended up with one about video games affecting your life.

Personally, I think I'm going to choose Tetris because how often when packing the trunk of a car, do you think about tetris? I could also say Mario Kart, but that doesn't really reflect well on my driving, does it?

You can respond with your ideas as well.

Nothing interesting to say...

Except that science sucks.

I'm going to Germany in 7 days.

I'm not done with my Christmas presents yet, one involves a resin that you're supposed to have lots of ventilation for because of fumes, and I think I inhaled too much of it because my lungs feel sort of weird, but maybe thats just all in my head.

I figured out that I shouldnt drink coffee when under stress, it just makes things worse.

We are having a Christmas party tonight, I made a jingle horse costume that is pretty sweet. I hotglued on the bells instead of sewing them and it saved tons of time and they still jingle, so who cares?! I'm supposed to bring egg nog and brandy. Just realized that I don't know if anyone's bringing Christmas cookies!!

Having someone on the instrument I need isnt really that upsetting because I have no time to hang around here in lab anyway, and this purification I'm working on has probably already failed, so it would just be a waste. I managed to run my samples all off the gel I was running yesterday; either that, or they leaked out a crack in the glass somehow...? In any case, if I were a good scientist, I would probably be running another gel right now, but that takes up too much time.

I need to figure out which train pass to get in Germany, I'm going to the Czech Republic and Austria also, at least thats the plan... It seems that getting a two country pass and then a separate country pass costs the same as a three country pass, except that you get more days. I don't even know how much train travel I will be doing in any of these countries!!! Or say, I have a pass in Czech Republic, but not in Germany, and I'm going from Munich to Prague... Would the Czech pass count?!?!!? Probably not...

And that, my friends, is a small sampling of the mental noise in my head on this Sunday morning.